A Program for Highly Sensitive Teens

The "Diary" Energy Skills Workbook

Do you identify with being a Highly Sensitive Person or know someone who does?  Are you looking for information and tools to help manage the challenges associated with the trait? Or perhaps you are overwhelmed with all of the contrasting material on the subject?

HSPs/empaths are impacted at both the mental and physical level, often experiencing anxiety, depression, isolation/loneliness, self-harm, fight-flight-freeze overload, attention/focusing issues, and more...

After searching for — and not finding — clear, practical data and techniques to help alleviate these challenges, we created a hands-on, user-friendly workbook that helps develop awareness and adaptability, resulting in increased self-confidence, and mental/physical wellness.

The extensive workbook includes: information about the HSP trait and its common challenges; evidence-based educational and psychological research; methods for strengthening the mind/body connection; basic principles of energy medicine and interactive exercises.

The workbook elements include:ž
> over 100 pages of content
> 20 how-to videos of energy exercises
> 20 educational videos & audio files
> 60 discussion questions
> 20 self-study/continued learning prompts
> 5 self-awareness quizzes
> over 100 references
> complete glossary

Originally developed as a guide for after-school clubs and for one-on-one & small group counseling, this workbook also serves as a valuable tool for individuals in a self-study environment.

Professional reviews

“In my 20 years of working as a psychologist and educator, I have not seen any other program with such a great promise of effectiveness for this very important population.” 

Dr. Wendy Nickerson - Calsouthern University, Columbia College, and Acadia University
“(This workbook) will give you tools and understanding that I wish I had in my own teens, and I am honored to see some of the ideas I have developed show up in its pages!”

Donna Eden - Best-selling author and world-renowned speaker on Energy Medicine

Created by author and Integrative Health Coach, Jeannette Folan, and Certified Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner, Yvonne Czarniak. 

At this time, the workbook will be available in digital format — release date December 2017. If you would like to receive a sample of the workbook, please complete this form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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COMING SOON... Energy Skills Online Course

This 10-week course draws from and builds on the Energy Skills Workbook. Led by Yvonne Czarniak and Jeannette Folan, the course will include live educational presentations, demonstrations of energy exercises, interactive activities, group discussions and practical, relevant tools for creating a healthy, balanced mind-body-spiritual life. If you would like more information, please contact Jeannette Folan.

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