The Book

Diary of a Teenage Empath


Diary of a Teenage Empath - The Awakening

The Story

Fifteen-year-old Jenny knows she isn’t normal. She can’t tolerate being in a crowd, being touched, being near certain people, or sometimes just being. Then she meets a group of friends at her new school and learns that, like them, she is actually an empath — someone who is highly sensitive to the emotions and energy of the people and environment around her. Jenny knows her empath gifts hold the power to make a profound difference in her life and the lives of those around her — if only she could control them.

With her new empath friends, her “crazy” Aunt Maggie, and her first love — the gorgeous and soulful Nathan — Jenny goes on a roller coaster ride of fear, tragedy, adventure, and desire.

Throughout the story, Jenny learns the blessing and curse of being an empath and ways to cope. The information, exercises and tools described throughout the book (though sometimes embellished or abbreviated) are intended to be a viable guide for readers who might be awakening to their own empath experience.  Also provided in the book are references to websites, books and movies which offer a wealth of data, knowledge, and ideas on the subject of our magical world.

Copyright © 2016 Jeannette Folan
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