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Diary of a Teenage Empath

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A review by David Holt

Ever feel lonely, left out, like you don’t really fit in? We all do sometimes. This is a universal theme. Diary of a Teenage Empath takes you into the world of Jenny, a smart sensitive teenager who feel intensely and starts having panic attacks. Will she ever fit in? Is she going down the wrong path? Is she perhaps even suicidal?

Her parents and teachers are worried, but deep down Jenny suspects she will be okay if she can only get the guidance she needs. But will she get it? And get it in time to enjoy her youth and prepare for adulthood in a world that often seems hostile and cruel? The book is the story of Jenny’s quest for answers, including the unlikely allies who reach out to her.

Author Jeannette Folan is an empath herself and is up on the latest research. Empaths absorb a lot of information, are highly intuitive and may have unusual gifts they must learn to develop. This novel is part story, part guidebook, where the lessons are woven into the plot and the reflections of the main character.

Teenage girls and young women may be the target market for this book, but the author draws many characters of both sexes and many ages who the reader will be drawn to. As the story evolves, you get hooked by the plotlines and patterns the author weaves along the way. It becomes a page turner, a sort of detective story. There are major plot twists where the author stays just ahead of Jenny – and the reader.

David Holt is a writer and editor in Nova Scotia, Canada. He is the Editor in Chief of OptiMYz, Canada’s leading women’s health and fitness magazine, and was the founding editor of Progress, Atlantic Canada’s business magazine. He consults and speaks on creativity and strategy.

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